ZUMBA WITH YASMIN: Well what can I say. Anyone who knows me will tell you I am totally addicted. I first heard about Zumba from a US TV ad and immediately thought. “Wow that looks like so much fun”. Being American I never thought I would find a class as good as the ad, in the UK. Little did I know that Zumba was about to change my life.

Teresa Winston

I currently run 12 Zumba classes in Milton Keynes with more due to open very soon. Zumba Milton keynes with Yasmin has been growing consistently for the last 2 years, currently, MK Zumba with Yasmin is the largest Zumba company in Milton Keynes with over 600 clients frequenting classes in Milton Keynes on a regular basis. For the best workout come to our Zumba classes in Milton Keynes. I have many satisfied customers who love my Zumba classes in Milton Keynes and many of them join my classes 2 or 3 times a week. See our testimonials page.