I’ve been coming to yasmin’s classes for 18 months. I started zumba initially to lose my baby weight. I’ve dropped 3stone in weight and gone from a sz 16 to an 8! The classes are fun and its fab and you are guaranteed to burn in excess of 600 calories if you ‘wiggle just a little bit more’. Its also a fab way to cross train if you are looking to improve your running distance! Yasmin’s energy and craziness is very infectious and you will soon be addicted to all things zumba. Come along and give it a go whether you have 3 left feet or not! Zumba will help to transform your body and soul! Mariam xx

Mariam Allen

ZUMBA WITH YASMIN: Well what can I say. Anyone who knows me will tell you I am totally addicted. I first heard about Zumba from a US TV ad and immediately thought. ?Wow that looks like so much fun?. Being American I never thought I would find a class as good as the ad, in the UK. Little did I know that Zumba was about to change my life.

Within weeks of seeing that ad Zumba came into my life when due to a family illness & death my world fell apart & I thank Yasmin & Zumba for turning my life around. For the last 18 months I am having the time of my life. From day one I can honestly say that I have never enjoyed keeping fit so much. Yasmin is so passionate about Zumba, it is not just a class she runs a few times a week, to her Zumba is so much more & it shows in her Hot, Fun, heart pounding, adrenaline pumping pure Zumba classes, which leave you crazing more. Her classes are always full of laughter, great music, easy to follow steps & so much fun.

I have meet some amazing people through Zumba, many of whom have become more than just friends, they are now my extended family & I now feel so much more fitter while enjoying something I love.

If you want to try something different & haven?t yet found exercising enjoyable come & try Zumba with Yasmin. Her classes are amazing, she is amazing.

Zumba is in my life to stay.

Thank you Yasmin & Zumba for everything wonderful you have brought into my life.

Teresa Winston

There is only thing I can never get enough of, and its ZUMBA FITNESS with the beautiful Yasmin and the crazy Zumba Milton Keynes gang. I started with Yas in January 2011 after seeing her ad in the local paper. I had never even heard of Zumba before, I was going with a friend who pulled out at the time, and went on my own. I walked in everyone was buzzing before the class had even started. Well the music started I tried to follow the steps well my version anyway :) but loved every second of the class. And left wanting more.

Since then i now do between 4 and 5 classes per week. If i could do every class then believe me I would. Zumba with Yasmin makes you come alive no matter how you are feeling before the class, I go home hot and sweaty but always with a smile on my face and never in a bad mood :) .

I have made some life time friends since joining the group and oh yea dropped a dress size whilst having fun.

Zumba Milton Kreynes is not just a group but an extended family, who are there for each other, if you dont belive me come and try one of Yasmins class for yourself. Trust me it will want you wanting more.

Jennifer Morgan

“I started going to Yasmin’s Zumba classes wanting to lose my baby fat after having my son. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself so eager and excited about getting my next Zumba fix, purely due to the fact that Yasmin made it utterly enjoyable and fun.
I did try a number of other Zumba instructors but I can honestly say, I didn’t leave feeling that same buzz and excitment as I do with Yasmin’s classes. She is fiery, loud, exciting, fun and simply AMAZING. I always recommend ZUMBA WITH YASMIN to everyone. Sweat pouring, adrenaline pumping, great fun GUARENTEED!!! WOOP WOOP LOVE IT!!!”

Mrs Nikki Acar

Zumba is amazing…the music, the dance routines and the pure fun side of it…this is all down to yasmin! She makes the class so much fun! And makes you want to do it more and more! What an excellent instructor she is! ….dianne pumfrett x x

Dianne Pumfrett

ZUMBA for me is not just getting fit but letting the music shine the real me from within.
And ZUMBA with YASMIN is like that one short hour in which I not only groove to the fantastic music but grow in confidence and power. She is totally energetic, magnetic, friendly, fun and full of ZUMBASTIC moves. You just cannot stop at one; she makes the classes so captivating. She has classes every day in various locations so there?s always a reason to get out whatever the weather, get your ZUMBA fix and come back feeling more enthusiastic and fit.
If you haven?t tried her classes yet, no worries you still have the time to enjoy and have a fun time, so join in the PARTY?
Thank you for total fun and brilliant classes every time?. xxx


I started Zumba with Yasmin, to keep fit, healthy and loose weight. I lost TWO stone in weight with slim fast and Yasmins amazing classes. Ive gained so much confidence through loosing the weight and I owe that to Yasmin for making classes so fun! I have made so many friends through Zumba everyone has became part of an extended family. I AM ADDICTED! I started with one class a week and now I do as many as I can. Thanks Yasmin, your a wonderful, friend and instructor Stephanie Tilley xx

Stephanie Tilley

I have always been advised to exercise due to my weight and have tried lots of different things, always giving up after a few weeks. I knew if I could find something I enjoyed I would stick at it ? I have and I do!! I?ve been going to zumba for the last year and never get fed up with it, as soon as the class finishes I am looking forward to the next week. Yasmin is really encouraging and I love how the class is full of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels – no one cares because we are all having such a good time. I?m not a dancer, I have no coordination at all but it really doesn?t matter.

If for any reason I can?t attend my usual class, I have no hesitation in attending any of the other classes that Yasmin runs, there?s usually someone from the zumba family there and every class without exception is friendly and welcoming.

It?s obvious that Yasmin loves what she does and I challenge anyone to come and not have the time of your life as well as a damn good workout.

This is exactly what exercise should be ? really good fun.

Annette Smyth

Yasmin Is a warm devoted Zumba Instructor, she genuinely wants to make sure that you are getting the most of the session. She has the ability to keep you motivated. I am returning to Zumba after hurting my back. I am better and I can’t wait to continue with my Zumba classes again. It is a fun way of working out and meeting new friends. I would highly recommend a joining Yasmin’s class.


I started Zumba with Yasmin to get into shape and keep fit. Yasmin made me feel so welcome and she has such a loving nature. You don’t need to be a good dancer or have previous experience to be able to enjoy her classes. Her classes are unbelievable… SIMPLY WONDERFUL. She keeps me wanting more and gives us all something to look forward to every single week. I leave with a smile on my face, sweat dripping off me and I feel absolutely marvelous.
If you haven’t tried ZUMBA WITH YASMIN before, you must come along.”

Mrs Tina Acar

I started going to Yasmin?s Zumba classes about a year ago. I would stay at the back and try to blend in. Now, you will normally find me right in the middle, or near the front have the best time and enjoying the party! I tried going to the gym, but kept loosing interest and eventually stopped going. Since I have found Zumba, I go EVERY week at least 3 times because I absolutely love it! It is so much fun, and sometimes you have no idea how much you are exercising because you are just enjoying the music and the atmosphere is amazing! Yasmin always has everyone shouting and singing along. Zumba has definitely changed my life and I love it! Zumba has given me confidence, energy and the most amazing friends who I certainly consider to be like a second family, which seems to grow a little more every week! Everyone is so friendly and supportive that it makes every class feel like a great party and I always leave with a massive smile on my face! Thank you Yasmin! Xxx

Sam Mcdonald

I began Zumba with Yasmin after having surgery. I though I would probably go once and never again. Yasmin was so fantastic, full of energy, fun and laughter, I wanted to go again and again! I was so upset that I couldn’t go when I was pregnant, but now my beautiful baby is here I am back to Yasmin and her fantastic classes to lose that baby weight! Yasmin’s classes are not your run of the mill Zumba classes they are addictive! Yasmin your are the Zumbatastic!!!!!!!!


my friends introduced me to zumba as i was getting a bit bored of the wii fit. I went along, hide at the back as i was worried, well where do i begin, the music started to play !! People were woo wooing!! shouting sexy, everyone was joining in, even me !! i do not have a high pitch voice but that was part of the fun, we all laugh and even if you do a move wrong it doesn’t matter, you end up laughing and the laughter then spreads, the atmosphere gets you on a high, i sadly can not remember how long i have been going for, i have been going for several months.i now stand at the front my confidence has grown, they treat you as part of their extended family. Please look at the Milton Keynes zumba page for days, places and times, you will be addicted, i am. Yasmin the instuctor is so full of energy and is extremely friendly. come along and join in the fun.
Beverley xxxxxx


Yasmins classes are full of laughter and enjoyment. Nobody judges you or laughs at you. It has helped my confidence so much, I’ve always been a hide in the corner person but now I’m right up on the stage when invited, this is down to Yasmin with her loving caring nature and through Zumba I now have another family. I do a few of Yasmin’s classes, I have tried another instructor but no one compares to Yasmin. To really find out I recommend you come along and try it for yourself, you won’t be sorry.
Clare Chrispin

Clare Chrispin