About Yasmin

My name is Yagmur Wilkinson known as Yasmin in Milton Keynes, as its very easy to remember. I?m originally from Turkey and born with?Mediterranean?music in my blood. I obtained my degree in?Tourism Hotel Management and Business management.?I have been living in UK since 1998.

I have always been going to the gym and fitness classes in and around Milton Keynes in order to keep myself healty and fit. Most importantly to get rid of my full working days stress :-)

In 2009 I discovered Zumba? ?Fitness and I found that Zumba was not only fun but noticed that I started to tone. I had found something that gave me a full body workout by dancing to Latino music which I love.

I was instantly hooked and loved it so much I was inspired to teach Zumba Fitness myself in Milton Keynes.

I changed my whole career and became the second? ZUMBA instructor to run classes in Milton Keynes ?and now I have as much fun teaching as I did taking part and the best thing is seeing everyone enjoy it as much as I do. It’s such a fun way to stay in shape and also make lots of friends. ?I’ve made so many really good friends through my classes and I wouldn?t change that for anything. I enjoy meeting new people and helping them to unwind. I?m so glad I ditched the gym workout and joined the Zumba party in Milton Keynes ;)

I am sure that you will too. Get in touch now and party yourself into shape.

So… what are you waiting for? COME ON…Ditch the work out join the party with YASMIN !!!